Protect yourself and those around you from the spread of virus bearing droplets.

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Now contains Biomaster

Biomaster is an antimicrobial additive that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria.

Biomaster contains inbuilt antimicrobial
protection effective for the lifetime of the
face covering

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Better than cloth

Dropstop foam is a massively more effective filter medium than cloth masks.

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Cheaper than paper masks

Dropstop is less than half the cost per month than 3 ply paper masks.

washable and re-usable and equivalent to up to 30 x 3 ply masks

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Protect your staff

For a non-medical mask Dropstop is the best value and safest product for employers to provide.

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Secure seal

Dropstop has a more secure and leak free seal than 3 ply paper masks.

seals around the sides of the mask preventing jets of air being released unfiltered

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Work friendly

Dropstop is ideal for close confined spaces such as public transport and in work contexts where social distancing is difficult.

Dropstop & Biomaster have joined together to create a high filtration antimicrobial face covering that will be your first line of defense against virus bearing droplets.

read more about how Biomaster works

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Dropstop V's FFP2 & FFP3


Value for money

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User information guide

Dropstop is designed to protect groups of people from virus-bearing droplets coming from the wearer with its unique design and comfortable fit... read more

Dropstop face coverings are washable. Unlike paper masks which are discarded after 4 hours, Dropstop can be used for up to 1 month... read more

Intended for working environments e.g. warehouse, office, retail, transport, delivery services, education providers, manufacturing...  read more