What does Dropstop do?

Dropstop is a filtration foam fluid barrier, made in the UK, designed to prevent the transfer of droplets from and to the wearer.

The fluid barrier has excellent edge sealing characteristics giving high levels of protection to the wearer and surrounding contacts. read more about the fit

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Dropstop fluid barrier creates an effective seal around the face thus reducing any leakage jets of virus bearing droplets compared with flat paper masks.

Cough droplets can travel

up to 7 metres

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Open cell



How does it work?

Dropstop is made from polyurethane foam, a fine matrix of open cells ranging in sizes 200-500 microns*.

These cells are arranged in a complex randomised structure which means that air and any suspended components (e.g. droplets) cannot be transmitted in a straight line and thus it forms an effective filter medium against much finer particles than the cell size (aerosolised droplets are sub 20 microns*) 

*a micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter.

By altering the chemical balance and density of the foam the size of these cells can be controlled, varying the ease with which air passes through - as evidenced by test samples which pass air easily and others which are almost impermeable.

A balance is found which approximates good quality fibre masks, and enables the user to wear it without difficulty while ensuring that the maximum filtration is achieved.

The thickness of the moulded mask is 5mm giving a deep section to obstruct the flow of particles or droplets.


Dropstop vs FFP2 & FFP3

Dropstop is designed to combat virus-bearing droplets by means of filtration via a complex pathway through the polyurethane matrix. Cough droplets are in a size range of 0.5-10 microns* with the majority in the 3-7 micron range.

These can travel up to 7 metres from someone who coughs and are a principle method of infection transmission. 

*A micron is one-thousandth of a millimetre).


Certified FFP2 & FFP3 masks have been in use for many years and are designed to operate across a range of industries. They are intended to filter a whole range of materials including very fine particulates as small as 0.06 microns.

This mask is intended to prevent the wearer from spreading potentially virus-bearing droplets, therefore, has been designed without a valve to reduce the risk of transmission. It is not a dust mask.

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nose grips
nose grips



nose grips
nose grips


The unique fit

Dropstop is moulded to the contours of the human face including comfortable grips around the nose area - making a traditional metal strap unnecessary. Elastic straps are provided to pull the mask towards the face and make the best seal around the edge consistent with comfort.

We intentionally designed this mask without a valve to improve performance and avoid the transfer of droplets from the wearer, Dropstop can feel warmer to wear than valved masks especially to those not used to wearing them - our customer feedback confirms that this does not impede the wearer from continuing their work once they are accustomed to it.



This mask has been designed for the purposes of infection control only, as mentioned earlier (Dropstop V's FFP2&3) existing masks are designed to cover a wide range of particle size and are tested to EN149 test schedule.

There is no mask certification that does not include the test for fine particulates, so Dropstop is offered on the basis of our own QC tests and certificates of conformity.

All our in-house testing has been performed in line with EN149 test requirements and our results will be made available online soon. Our filtration test can be seen here in this video.

Dropstop filtration test.


Discover the benefits of this U.K made mask with these downloadable documents.

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Your FREE specification sheet. A brief guide and important information about Dropstop face masks.

Downloads as .PDF

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Your FREE copy of the user sheet - full of useful information on how to wash and how to fit.


Trade customer?

Your FREE copy of a plain cover spec sheet, add your logo and contact details and send it to your customers.

Downloads as .PDF

Downloads as .PDF


This mask is NOT designed for intimate healthcare contact where single use, disposable masks destined for incineration would be most appropriate. (i.e Doctors and Nurses in care of high dependancy patients) 

Dropstop has been designed without a valve to give protection from aerosolised droplets - this makes Dropstop warmer than valved masks, therefore, it is important to follow the user guide correctly to allow you maximum comfort and safety.

You can download a copy of the user guide here

Important information


How to buy Dropstop

If you're looking for a reusable mask solution for your staff then why not try the washable Dropstop face mask.

We can supply you with 100 -10,000+ masks. Our current production output is 10,000 masks a week with expected weekly output to rise to 20,000 within 8 weeks.

We do not sell singles at this time.

If you're a trade customer or would like your own branded paperwork we can offer this on orders of 1000+

To discuss your order requirements please contact

or call 01260 299 049

Dropstop is manufactured in the Lake District, Cumbria UK